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Nailtiques - Healthy, flexible nails.

Contrary to popular belief, healthy, flexible nails are achievable by anyone, whatever their nail type - all they need is a little loving care and attention.

Whether your problems revolve around soft peeling nails, damaged and sensitive nails or hard and dehydrated nails or you simply want a maintenance programmer to ensure your nails, hands and feet stay in fabulous condition all year round, Nailtiques has the solution for you. Protein formulas, nail moisturisers, nail polish remover, after artificial nail kits, oil therapy are all part of the Nailtiques range.

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Protein Formula Kits

Created for individual nail conditions requiring specific treatment, each Proten Formula offers special ingredients to bond the nail layers together.

The nail formulas build a strong, yet flexible foundation which is resistant to chipping,peeling and splitting.

These Kits also include the Oil Therapy PLUS either the Nail Moisturiser or Cuticle and Skin Gel.

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Formula 2 Kit

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Treating problem nails


The Formula 2 kit contains 1/4 oz (7.4ml) Formula 2, 1/4 oz (7.4ml) Oil Therapy and 1/4 oz (7.4ml) of Cuticle and Skin Gel.

Splitting, peeling and chipping are common nail problems. Nailtiques Formula 2 helps to build a strong nail bed while the Oil Therapy and Cuticle & Skin Gel rejuvenate the cuticles. The Formula 2 Kit delivers - it provides the perfect combination of strength and flexibility.


See the individual products for more details of them and their application.

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