Well-Being Sources (Guinots Well-Being Sources includes Red Logic for rosacea. Available online at gproducts.co.uk from Serenity beauty, approved stockist since 2004)

What is problematic skin?
  • 'Patchy' redness
  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Irritation
What do the products do:
  • Regenerate skin cells
  • Isolate and repair reactive skin from the damage caused by the environment
  • Has a decongestant effect on skin prone to redness

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Ultimate Protection Cream (50ml)

Crème Protection Reparatrice

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Creme Protection Reparatrice, the ultimate protection for skin.

Replaces both Creme Extra Protection and Baume Anti-Irritation.

A rich moisturiser which forms a protective barrier to soothe, calm and strengthen very delicate skin.

This intensive, protective moisturiser has been formulated to create a protective barrier against the elements but is equally effective when used locally to treat areas of severe dryness, for example cracked hands and elbows.

Leonillas tips: One of my favourites, a multi tasking cream protecting and repairing for all skin types. Especially good if you have sensitive skin.

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Anti-Redness Repairing Treatment (30ml)

Red Logic

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Red Logic from Guinot  ultra soothing cream is the ultimate anti-redness repairing treatment.
A 'bandage' to treat and neutralise redness.
Decongestant veinotonics reduce the permeability of the capillaries and increases vascular strength.
This cream must be used for 3 months continuously morning and night before an improvement is visible.

Leonillas tips: A must for Rosacea sufferers using in conjunction with Creme Hydra Sensitive, Masque Hydra Sensitive and Jane Iredales Liquid Minerals and Amazing Base

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