Radiance Sources (Guinots Beaute Neuve radiance renewal cream is one of the moisturisers in the Guinot Radiance Sources range available at Serenity Beauty)

What is tired/dull skin?
  • Lack of radiance
What do the products do:
  • Brighten dull and tired skin
  • Give the skin feeling of freshness and well-being
  • Instantly re-moisturise the tissues and smooth them
  • Has a peeling effect of the gentle fruit acid
  • Gently smoothes wrinkles and superficial scars
  • Ideal for seasonal changes, 2-3 times a year

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Radiance Renewal Cream (50ml)

Beauté Neuve

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Samples and consultations available.

Guinots Beaute Neuve renews and revitalises the skin.

The treatment to brighten all dull, tired skins. Beauté Neuve offers the advantage of accelerated cellular renewal whilst providing a non-irritant exfoliation action. It refines devitalised or tired skin effectively and oily skin becomes less coarse.

All skin types.

Leonillas tips: It's really the answer for damaged skin. Ideal night moisturiser whilst I suggest trying Creme Protection Reparatrice for the day

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Anti Fatigue Face Mask (50ml)

Masque Dynamisant

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Masque Dynamisant , Anti Fatigue Face Mask gel cream launched Spring 2012 replaces Nouvel Eclat.

Renews skin's radiance, tones, brightens and moisturises thanks to the active ingredients of Essential Oils, Hydrocyte, and AHA Complex.

The mask works quickly and will show results after just 3 minutes.

For even more radiance apply for 5-10 minutes.

Leonillas tips: My favourite mask restoring radiance to the skin. Use 2x a week after exfoliating or shortcut for that instant boost using every day for 2 weeks

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Instant Radiance Vials (2 ampoules)

Mini-Lift Éclat Beauté

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An instant action lightening treatment to revive tired skin. For that special occasion or just wehn needed use Éclat Beauté vials prior to make up for a long lasting radiant perfect complexion. Containing sugars to smooth the features, phylderm to restore density to the tissues and witch hazel to tighten the skin texture and procure an even complexion.

Leonillas tips:After a busy day or sleepless night the face may not be looking its best. These little helpers hydrate and lift the skin almost instantly. Apply just 5 minutes before foundation to work this miracle.

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