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Nailtiques - Healthy, flexible nails.

Contrary to popular belief, healthy, flexible nails are achievable by anyone, whatever their nail type - all they need is a little loving care and attention.

Whether your problems revolve around soft peeling nails, damaged and sensitive nails or hard and dehydrated nails or you simply want a maintenance programmer to ensure your nails, hands and feet stay in fabulous condition all year round, Nailtiques has the solution for you. Protein formulas, nail moisturisers, nail polish remover, after artificial nail kits, oil therapy are all part of the Nailtiques range.

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Nail Moisturiser (1 oz/28g)

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A non-greasy, fortified conditioning nail creme enriched with soluble plant collagen to restore moisture and promote nail flexibility, plus jojoba and aloe to nourish and condition the nail.


Use regularly to promote greater strength and flexibility in nails that lack moisture


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